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The Brewery Lovers are on a mission – exploring America’s best craft breweries, one beer at a time.

We can’t visit them all. But we sure can try!

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What’s this about?

Hi! We’re Beth and Sal, the Brewery Lovers.

We’ve been all about good beer for a very long time. We’re brewers, writers, beer judges and adventurers. And we’re on a mission – to find the best craft beer, coast to coast.

But how do you visit as many breweries as you can with the house, the cars, the job? Simple. Take the show on the road. We sold the house, got rid of our stuff, bought an RV and hit the road. American Dream 2.0.

We’re on an epic journey to discover the U.S.A., one brewery at a time. You’re invited to join the adventure.

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Recent Videos

With nearly 9,000 craft breweries in the U.S., we’ll never run out of targets. Watch our recent excursions.

New Mexico, the Sequel

New Mexico, the Sequel

New Mexico

We headed back to the Land of Enchantment for icing on the cake; more breweries, another visit with Caroline & Matt and ... drumroll ... the Very Large Array. Major bucket list item! Enjoy. =S&B

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Ice Cream?! What the h&#$ is happening?

Ice Cream?! What the h&#$ is happening?

Brenham, TX

What's happened to our Dynamic Duo of Beer? OK, OK. It started with a beer. A Texas beer, in fact - Shiner Bock. We stayed at a super-friendly restaurant/bar, a Harvest Host near Beaumont. When the locals found out we were on the road, they insisted we visit Brenham...

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Casita and Wilson, NC Whirligigs

Casita and Wilson, NC Whirligigs

Wilson, NC

Casita Brewery would be worth a visit even without the bonus – it's one of the best in North Carolina. But being across the street from the Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park puts it at the next level. Enjoy. =S&B

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Our Top 19 Hidden Gem Breweries

Our Top 19 Hidden Gem Breweries


After 34 states and over 300 craft breweries, we dug in a whittled down the list to our top 19 "Hidden Gems." (Well, 20 if you include Ludlam Island LOL.) These breweries each deliver superb beer and a great experience, but they might be on the smaller side, off the...

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Florida 2024

Florida 2024

Florida, USA

Every couple of months, somebody recommends a brewery in Florida. Sal nods, says thanks. Afterwards, he turns to Beth and says, "Too bad we're never going to Florida." No offense to our Florida friends and family. We're just not Florida people. I've only ever gone...

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Hot Sauce?

Hot Sauce?

Ocean Springs, MS

We found a really great little brewery in Mississippi, where some of the regulars suggested we visit Avery Island, LA, home of Tabasco Sauce. Brilliant! I knew about that place since I was a kid. I read about it in National Geographic. Thought it would be an...

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Meet Bleep

Our Winnebago Ekko is affectionately known as Bleep, the Brewery Lovers Exploration and Excursion Platform.

Bleep is our wheels, office, video production studio and home. A real multitasker, she does all that in just 140 square feet. She’s four-season capable and self-contained. With all-wheel drive, solar power, oversized water tanks and freeze-protected plumbing, Bleep can take us just about anywhere. If there’s a brewery to be found, Bleep will get us there – with a comfy place to crash after.

What’s not to love?

Beth, Sal and Bleep


Did you really sell your house and get rid of all your stuff?

Yep. Well, most of it. A few hard-to-replace items are stored with family. And we kept the kids.

Do one or both of you have brain tumors?

Maybe. That’s the whole point. Think of it. We spend 60, 80, 100 years accumulating a vast pile of stuff. Then we die, leaving others to deal with that vast pile. In all likelihood, the adult children. They’re overwhelmed and take the path of least resistance: dumpster. It was stuff. Now it’s junk. And when you’re one of those hapless garbage heirs, you ask yourself questions between trips to the dump, thrift store and liquor store. (Drink is the one thing that will get you through it.) Questions like, is this all there is? You’re born, you accumulate a pile of crap and you die? And you realize, yeah, that’s pretty much it. We chose a different path. We traded in our crap for a life of experience. Because, who knows, we might have brain tumors. Tomorrow is anything but guaranteed. All we have is today and we’re using it to do what the hell we want. Drink beer. (And promote independent craft breweries.)

And do you actually live in that thing?

Yep. It’s got everything we need. Bed, bath, office, kitchen. Of course the office is the kitchen. Or the kitchen is the office. And the dining room. And the living room.

And you haven’t killed each other?

Not yet. We started out on the right foot, so to speak. We’ve been married for 100 years, but we still like each other. That’s huge. Plus, Beth is the most patient person on planet Earth and she is one of the few who can deal with Sal’s BS, 24/7.

So, you stay in campgrounds?

Hell, no. And we won’t, unless it’s the last resort. Nothing against campgrounds, but we’re just not campground people. Plus, some are as expensive as hotels. Not for us.

Then where do you get electricity and water and get rid of … you know?

Bleep fits in a regular parking spot and it’s set up for ‘boondocking.’ That means we carry the water we need, we make our own power with solar and we have a European-style commode that we can empty in about 30 seconds in any place that’s legal to put poo. Porto-pots, gas stations, composters, etc. In other words, we never need ‘hookups’ for electricity, water and poo. So we can stay just about anywhere.

So where do you stay?

It’s a combination of moochdocking – squatting in friends’ driveways, tucking in behind the brewery or Harvest Hosts.

What’s Harvest Hosts?

Thought  you might ask that. It’s a club, under $100 per year to join, which grants permission to stay at over 4,000 farms, wineries, museums, amusement parks and … drumroll … breweries. Instead of paying $50 or $100 for campground fees, you’re obligated to buy stuff. Yeah, you read that right. We stay at breweries where we’re expected to drink beer. Score!

Why craft breweries?

We’ve been homebrewers since 1994. Sal has written about beer for years, for outlets like Brew Your Own magazine and the Discovery Channel. We’re both BJCP beer judges. It’s been our obsession since we first tasted real beer, in England in the 1980s. So when craft beer happened, we took every possible opportunity to visit breweries in whatever city we found ourselves. Now we’re sharing that experience with the world, via YouTube.

What kind of mileage does that thing get?

Around 14. Better than most RVs.

How do you stay so thin?

We have to. Our house is 140 square feet. The toilet is the size of a frisbee. That’s motivation.

Yeah, but how?

Simple. Drink as much beer as you want and eat no solid food. OK, seriously. Exercise as much as possible. Limit food carbohydrates (we get all the carbs we need from beer). Choose calories wisely. We don’t eat cake, ice cream or candy. We save those calories for beer. Drink as much water as you do beer. Set a weekly calorie limit and don’t eat or drink more than that. For Sal, it’s 14,000. For Beth, around 8,500.

So, you retired and just visit breweries now?

Nope. Sal’s a marketing and advertising writer. Beth is a writer, proofreader and executive producer of the YouTube show. She also moonlights pouring craft beer at festivals and farmers markets and trains both brewery and restaurant people about the intricacies of craft beer. We can kind of work anywhere, so we work when we need to and explore the brewery landscape the rest of the time.

What’s your favorite brewery?

The one we’re sitting in. Well, mostly true. Some of them are just awful. The real answer is it’s impossible to say. Like choosing your favorite child. Or beer. They’re all different and some are great – but they’re great for different reasons. Three reasons, to be exact.

Then what's your favorite place?

Check out the channel. We made videos about that.

You guys must really like beer, huh?

Ya think?

What’s brewing?

With nearly 9,000 craft breweries in the U.S., we’ll never run out of targets. Watch our recent excursions.