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Florida 2024

Florida, USA

Every couple of months, somebody recommends a brewery in Florida. Sal nods, says thanks. Afterwards, he turns to Beth and says, “Too bad we’re never going to Florida.”

No offense to our Florida friends and family. We’re just not Florida people. I’ve only ever gone there as an accessory to somebody else’s trip. Like chaperoning the school band, for example.

However, we were stuck in New Jersey for the entire month of December and part of January. Helping the kids with the grandbaby after his mom had surgery. Happy to do it, glad we did. But we froze.

So, when we were invited to attend an Ekko rally in Tampa in mid-January, Sal said to Beth, “I’m thinking Tampa.”

Beth said, “You know that’s in Florida, right?” She stifled the urge to say “Get a f*ing map.” (This would have been appropriate – it’s an inside joke that involves Florida and we say it all the time.)

OK, OK. Never say never, right? We went. Tampa was great – not warm but not freezing, either – where we got to see some old friends and make new ones. We visited cousins we rarely see. And we notched another state.



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